Fromage à La Creme*

Cream Cheese

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This delicious sour milk cheese is a great luncheon dish in France, and is nearly always eaten with sugar. When wild strawberries are in season they are often served with fromage à la crême.


  • pints of milk
  • a few tablespoons of cream


Put the milk in a jug and keep it in a warm place till it sours and becomes solid. On no account must the milk be soured with rennet. When solid, put it in a piece of butter muslin, gather the ends together to form a bag, and hang this over a basin in a cool place to drain for twelve hours or so. It is then put in a basin, mixed with a little milk, and sometimes put into a mould or a special heart-shaped wicker basket, to shape it, but this is not essential. When dished up a little cream is poured over it.

* The cream cheese referred to in all sections of this book, unless otherwise specified, is the same as that described in this recipe; milk, which is either allowed to sour naturally, or is artificially soured, then drained, and put to various uses—and either eaten as cream cheese or used in cooking.