Oeufs Sur Le Plat

Eggs Sur Le Plat

I am giving the typical recipe for this delicious way of preparing eggs. There are a number of dishes of Oeufs sur le plat—for instance, Oeufs à la Turque, with the addition of a little lamb kidney, cooked in butter; also Madrilène, with tomato, shallot, chervil, tarragon, Chilli pepper, etc.


  • 2 eggs to each person
  • ½ an oz. of butter to each egg, a pinch of salt


For this recipe flat shallow fireproof dishes are used. Warm these in the oven. Put the butter in them when hot, and melt it. Break the 2 eggs carefully in each dish, season the whites with a little salt (not the yolks, as it is apt to mark them and spoil their appearance), and place the dishes on the middle shelf of a fairly brisk oven, so that they get an equal heat, and cook for 3 or 4 minutes at the most. Serve at once. The whites of the eggs should be sufficiently set to be eaten with a fork, but quite runny, and the yolks very runny. French people usually mop up with a piece of bread whatever a fork or spoon cannot manœuvre—a survival of the time when cutlery was unknown, and fingers and bread were the accepted methods with food!