Beefsteak à l’Andalouse

Biftek a La Andaluza


  • 2 lbs of rump steak
  • 3 or 4 aubergines, a few ozs of cooked ham
  • 1 lb of small tomatoes
  • 24 pickling onions, mixed herbs, salt and pepper.


For this recipe the steak is usually stewed in an earthenware casserole till tender, and served with the following garnish: The aubergines are stuffed with finely chopped cooked ham and tomato pulp, and fried or sauté in butter, with mixed herbs; the small onions are cooked to a golden colour in butter or oil and the tomatoes are stuffed with a little bread and finely chopped onion, and also fried or sauté in butter, the whole being well seasoned with salt and pepper.