Huevos Escalfados Madrid-Nieves

Poached Eggs Madrid-Nieves


  • Poached eggs, purée of foie gras, Béchamel sauce, spinach, the yolks of 1 or 2 eggs, truffle, puff pastry, croûtons of fried bread.


Put the poached eggs on rounds or croûtons of fried bread coated with the foie gras, and dress as follows: Arrange them in a circle on a dish, cover alternately with a little Béchamel, to which a little spinach water has been added to make it green, while the next egg is covered by Béchamel made yellow by the addition of the yolks of 1 or 2 eggs. A slice of truffle, cut in the shape of a small half-moon, is laid over the egg with the yellow Béchamel, and a little yolk of hard-boiled egg rubbed through a sieve covers the green eggs. The dish is garnished with very small pieces of puff pastry, cut out in fancy shapes.