Huevos Al Plato a La Flamenca

Eggs Sur La Plat à La Flamenca

This is a favourite way of preparing eggs in Andalusia and is a feature on the menus of all the restaurants in Seville.


  • Eggs, tomatoes, fresh peas, French beans, fried potatoes, sliced sausages, a few asparagus tips, pimentios, cooked ham, onion, a little stock.


Cut the ham in small squares and sauté in butter, with a little chopped onion. When the onion begins to brown add the other vegetables, all previously cooked. Mix well and fry for a few minutes, seasoning with salt and pepper. Add the slices of cooked sausage and put all in a fireproof dish. Break the eggs over this and put in a quick oven till the eggs are set. Garnish the dish with sliced cooked pimientos, ham cut in small triangles and slices of sausages.