There are all manner of dainty and tasty Norwegian hors-d’œuvre which are not only pleasant to eat but very nice to look at. One consists of hard-boiled eggs, cut in half crosswise. The yolk is carefully removed and a small slice cut from the bottom of each white, so that it will stand. Prawns are hung by their tails all around the whites of egg, the egg itself being filled with the pounded yolk, mixed with pounded Norwegian anchovies and a little butter.

Another egg hors-d’œuvre is made with hard-boiled eggs, left whole, with only a small slice cut from the bottom of each egg, so that they will stand upright. Over each egg half a tomato, with a little of the pulp removed, is placed top upwards, so that it has the appearance of some fantastic mushroom. This is served with Russian salad or with a hot purée of spinach.

A simple but very typical hors-d’œuvre is made with rounds of buttered rye bread, with a slice of hard-boiled egg in the centre, and all around it Norwegian anchovies, previously skinned and boned. A popular open sandwich consists of buttered white bread, cut in various shapes and garnished with prawns in aspic.