Senegalese Rice


Senegalese Rice is as popular a dish in Senegal as the couscous. It can be made with meat, chicken or fish. The pork, mutton, or chicken is cut in somewhat large pieces, and the fish also. The pieces of meat or fish are first of all fried in oil with a chopped onion, seasoned with salt and pepper and, when well browned, they are covered with hot water and seasoned with chilli pepper or cayenne, cloves, and other spices. Then all kinds of vegetables are added, and always very small marrows and tomatoes. All this is simmered till tender—the meat, of course, takes longer than the fish. When done, the meat and vegetables are removed from the stock and kept hot. The rice—unpolished rice is used—is now cooked in the stock, which should not only cover it but be quite two inches above the rice. This is simmered till the rice has absorbed all the stock and is quite dry and flaky. If the rice “catches” and is slightly burnt in the bottom of the pan the natives are delighted, as this is considered a relish. The rice is now put into a large gourd with the meat or fish and the vegetables.