White Gourd-Melon Parcels

Togan tsutsumi



  • 4 pieces white gourd-melon, each approx. 120 g
  • <A> - for the melon
  • 500 ml happo dashi*
  • 15 g sugar
  • 25 ml light soy sauce
  • 5 ml soy sauce
  • 20 ml mirin
  • 8 pieces barbecued eel
  • 12 lily bulbs
  • 40 g kikurage (Jew’s ear) mushroom
  • 40 g red pepper


  1. Cut the white gourd-melon into 120 g cubes and remove the skin and seeds. Using a knife, score a fine lattice into the skin side of the melon. Blanch until tender, refresh in ice water and then dry. Simmer in <A>.
  2. Cut the eel into 2 cm wide squares. Clean the lily bulb and separate. Boil, remove from the pan, drain and leave to cool. Reconstitute the kikurage and tear into roughly 1 cm square pieces by hand. Grill the red pepper and peel the skin, then cut into squares.
  3. Place the gourd-melon skin-side down on a piece of gauze and press flat with your hands. Add all the ingredients from (2), roll everything up in the gauze, then tie with bamboo skin.
  4. Place (3) in a pan together with the cooking broth <A> from (1), heat again and then cool.
  5. Remove (4) from the gauze, place on a plate and sprinkle with yuzu.

*see tiger prawns in aspic recipe for explanation.