Making dashi 4

Kombu dashi

There are two different ways to make kombu dashi, in one method kombu is placed in water overnight, and in the other it is placed in water and heated. The former gives a clean-tasting dashi best for use in clear soups, while the latter produces a dashi with a deeper, gentler flavour. However, despite this difference in taste, there is not much difference in the actual composition of the dashi substances.


  • 2 L soft water
  • 20 g ma kombu


Preparation method for heated kombu dashi

  1. Place the kombu in a pan with the water and leave to soak.
  2. Allow about 1.5 hours in winter and 20-30 minutes in summer. If using a large pan go straight to step (3), the time it takes the water to heat will be enough for the kombu to soak.
  3. Heat in water until just before it reaches boiling point. Aim to take it out at the point at which small bubbles appear in the pan.
  4. Remove the kombu from the pan. If the kombu is left too long, it will spoil and thus taint the dashi.

Preparation method for soaked kombu dashi

  1. Pour the water into a container used for storage, add the kombu and leave overnight. The kombu can be used around three more times, if it is good quality.
  2. The kombu dashi is ready to use.

Recipes by Takashi Tamura, Tsukiji Tamura pp.118-119