Making dashi 5

Shojin dashi

Shojin dashi is a fish free stock which can be used in any vegetarian dish. It is most commonly associated with Buddhist cuisine, playing an important role in the food served at religious ceremonies or events. It can be made from a great variety of dried vegetables, but the most popular combination is dried shiitake and kombu. It has a slightly sweeter taste than fish based dashi.


For shiitake dashi

  • 1.8 L water
  • 150 g dried shiitake mushroom (any kind)

For kombu dashi

  • 1.8 L water
  • 30 g rishiri kombu (kuragakoi, one year vintage)


Preparation method

  1. For shiitake dashi, quickly wash the dirt and other impurities off the shiitake, and then place it in a bowl with the water and leave to soak for half a day.
  2. For the kombu dashi, put the kombu in the hot water at 60°C and simmer, maintaining a temperature of 60°C for one hour.
  3. Remove the kombu.
  4. Add the shiitake dashi (1) to the kombu dashi (3) in the proportion of one to two, straining the shiitake dashi through a metal-mesh strainer first.
  5. Strain the dashi (4) through kitchen paper.
  6. The shojin dashi is ready to use.

Recipe by Yoshihiro Murata, Kikunoi