1025 Puff pastry

Sloenoe testo


  • 2 glasses flour, or lb
  • ½ lb butter
  • 1 egg to paint the dough
  • (2 rusks)


Prepare puff pastry. When the oven is ready, roll the dough out thin and place the stuffing on top. Shape into a rectangular pirog and paint with egg. Rusk crumbs may be strewn on top. Transfer from a cold place directly into a hot oven.

Another way: Pour 2 eggs and ½ wineglass of rum into a glass, add fresh sour cream, and pour into the flour. Knead the dough until it can be rolled thin. Place ½ lb of good, firm Finnish butter in the middle and cover with a circle of dough. Pinch together and roll into a long oval. Cover and let stand in a cold place for at least 15 minutes. Fold the dough into three, roll out, and again let it stand, being sure to cover the dough with a napkin. Roll out again and repeat 6 times in all. Make pirozhki from the dough, stuff them, and paint with egg. Transfer from a cold place directly into the oven.

Remarks: This amount of puff pastry, rich pastry, or short pastry, etc., is sufficient for a pirog or pirozhki for 6–8 persons; half the amount will be enough to cover a small deep dish of pâté, providing that the dish is not lined with dough.