1180 Rice with apples, jam, and meringue

Ris s jablokami, varen’em i meringoju


  • 3 glasses milk
  • 1 glass rice
  • cinnamon
  • 2 spoons butter
  • ¾ glass sugar
  • 6 apples, or 8–12 pears, or about 20–30 plums
  • ½ glass jam
  • 4 egg whites


Boil 1 glass rice, as indicated, making sure that the grains remain separate. Add 1 spoon butter, ½ glass sugar, and a little cinnamon. Grease a platter with butter and strew with rusk crumbs. Add a layer of rice, then a layer of apples or pears, finely chopped and lightly fried with butter, sugar, and cinnamon, and then another layer of rice. Smooth the surface and top with jam or a fruit purée of some kind. Cover with meringue; that is, whip 4 egg whites, stir in ½ glass sugar, and brown lightly in the oven.