1220 Wine pudding

Puding iz vina


  • ¼ lb butter
  • 2 glasses grated roll, or 1 white French roll
  • 6 eggs
  • ½ glass fine sugar
  • ¾–1 glass wine
  • (1 wineglass rum)
  • 2 rusks


Fry 2 glasses grated stale roll crumbs in 1 spoon melted butter, pour on 1 glass boiling hot table wine, and mix until smooth. [In a separate bowl], beat 1 spoon butter until white and mix with 6 egg yolks, 3 spoons fine sugar, and cinnamon. Combine the eggs and sugar with the roll crumbs, add 6 beaten egg whites, transfer to a mold, and bake.

One wineglass rum may be added, in which case, use a little less wine. Pour on rum sauce.