1263 French toast with ground almonds

Grenki s mindal’noju massoju


  • loaves white French bread
  • ¼ lb or ¾ glass sweet almonds
  • 5–6 bitter almonds
  • 1 spoon rusk crumbs
  • 2–3 spoons butter
  • 1 spoon rosewater
  • 6 eggs
  • 2 glasses milk
  • glass sugar


Peel ¼ lb sweet almonds and 5–6 bitter almonds. Pound not too fine, pouring on 1 spoon of rosewater drop by drop. Stir the ground almonds in a saucepan over coals until they dry slightly. Melt 1 spoon butter and add 2 egg yolks, 2 eggs, the almonds, sugar, and 1 spoon sieved rusk crumbs. Mix, add 2 beaten egg whites, and spread this mixture on slices of white bread. Arrange the slices in pairs, dip them in milk mixed with eggs and sugar, and fry in butter on both sides.