1378 Little horns with wine

Trubochki s vinom


For the little horns

  • ¾ glass flour
  • ¾ glass light inexpensive wine
  • ½ glass fine sugar
  • 3 egg whites
  • piece white beeswax

For the whipped cream

  • glasses thick cream
  • 4 pieces sugar
  • zest from 1 lemon, or ½ vershok vanilla, or cinnamon
  • (1 glass jam)


Thoroughly mix ¾ glass flour, ½ glass fine sugar, ¾ glass wine, and 3 egg whites. Heat a wafer iron until it is very hot, grease with white beeswax,* and pour in 1 scant tablespoon batter. Cover tightly and place over the fire. After 2 minutes, turn over the wafer iron and hold over the fire for 2 more minutes. When it is cooked, carefully remove from the iron and immediately fold into a tube. Lay on a platter in the oven, regrease the wafer iron with wax, and bake the next one.

Fill with whipped cream, or fill the center of the platter with whipped cream and surround with the horns, which may be filled with jam.

Yields 35 little horns.

Little horns for fast days are prepared in exactly the same manner, only without the egg whites and with 2 spoons of some kind of good fast day oil.

*For centuries the Russians have been avid beekeepers. Most domestic manuals containing instructions on managing one’s estate or farm contained a section on beekeeping. Molokhovets used honey extensively in her recipes and a natural by-product of processing honey is the wax. Insoluble in water, the wax has “an agreeable honey-like odor, and a faint, characteristic taste,” some say a faint balsamic taste, but nothing that would impart an off-flavor to the baked pastries. (The Hive and the Honey Bee, 537–538.)