1447 Imperial ice punch from wild strawberries and other fruits

Punsh imper’jal’ morozhenyj iz zemljaniki i proch. fruktov


  • 1 lb wild strawberry purée
  • ½ lb, or 1 glass, sugar*
  • ½ bottle Rhine wine
  • about 5 glasses salt


Pick over wild strawberries, rinse the berries, and rub them through a fine sieve into a stoneware bowl. Use ½ lb sugar for every lb of purée. Mix, dilute with ½ bottle Rhine wine, and pour into a mold for water ice. Rotate, scraping the edges of the mold so that the water ice does not freeze, but resembles slush. Divide into goblets or small dishes and serve.

*Elsewhere in this chapter Molokhovets equated ⅝ lb sugar with 1 glass, although generally she used 2 glasses to 1 lb sugar. See Appendix, Weights and Measures.