• ¾ lb sugar
  • 3–4 oranges
  • 10 zolotniki gelatin
  • 1 egg white
  • (1 glass maraschino)


Boil gelatin until it softens, add sugar and the finely cut zest from 2 oranges, clarify with an egg white, and reduce to glasses. Squeeze the juice from 3 oranges and let the juice stand. Then pour it off, strain, and mix with the syrup. Restrain the liquid and chill in a mold. If desired, add 1 glass maraschino to the jelly after it has been clarified with an egg white. In that case use 1 glass less water. When preparing a large quantity of jelly, garnish a large mold with small ones. The orange jelly may be poured into halved orange rinds* instead of small molds or may be chilled in eggs as follows. Make a small hole in the egg shell, empty out the egg, rinse, fill with jelly, and chill. To serve, crack the eggs and remove the shells.

*Molokhovets’ suggestion is reminiscent of the French chef Carême’s presentations. Carême hollowed out oranges, filled the shells with orange gelatin, and either served the fruit whole or in quarters. He also halved the oranges and made little handles of some extra peel to form minature baskets. Another of his presentations was to fill the shells with alternate layers of orange jelly and blancmange.

Orange rinds used as containers for jelly. From Gouffe, Royal Book of Pastry and Confectionary (London, 1874).