1562 Yogurt pudding with raisins



  • 1 garnets or 12 glasses milk
  • glasses yogurt
  • 1 glass sour cream
  • 1 glass raisins
  • 8eggs
  • glasses very thick sweet or sour cream
  • ¼–⅓ glass sugar
  • cinnamon or vanilla bean
  • ½ glass sugar


(Proportions for 10 persons) Thoroughly beat yogurt, sour cream, and eggs, pour in milk, and add washed and dried raisins and a little salt. Mix as well as possible and bring to a boil, stirring, so that the milk curdles. Pour into a napkin to let the whey drain off. Mix the curds with sugar, tie up the napkin, and hang in the cold cellar to chill. To serve, turn out carefully onto a platter and pour on whipped sweet or sour cream with sugar and cinnamon.