2199 Moscow kvass from raspberries and cultivated strawberries

Moskovskij kvas iz maliny i klubniki

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A Gift to Young Housewives

By Elena Molokhovets

Published 1992

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Moscow kvass from raspberries and strawberries is made in a special way. The barrel that is prepared for these berries must have a hole (½ vershok in diameter) drilled from the side close to the bottom of the barrel. This hole must be securely plugged with a wooden bung. The barrel must be lined to a depth 3 vershok higher than the bung hole with very clean, fresh straw, well rinsed and completely dried in the sun. This is done because these berries are very tender and quickly release a sediment. When moistened, the straw will retain the sediment, and the kvass will be clear. Fill the barrel with berries and pour on boiled water. After drawing off a bottle of kvass from the barrel, replace the liquid in the barrel with a bottle of boiled and cooled water. If the kvass is too strong, dilute it with water and sweeten to taste just before using. When all the kvass has been poured off—that is, when it becomes too weak through having been constantly diluted with water—discard it and begin another barrel of already-prepared kvass. It is essential to set the barrel on ice and, when the weather is hot, the barrel must be surrounded with ice. In winter keep the barrel in the cold cellar, because the kvass will spoil if it freezes.