2584 Another method for salting [cucumbers]

Drugoj sposob solenija

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A Gift to Young Housewives

By Elena Molokhovets

Published 1992

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For 2 pails cucumbers, use 1 pail water and 1 to 1¼ lbs salt. Bring to a boil, cool, and pour the brine over the cucumbers. When the barrel is full, drive bungs into both openings, tar the barrel all over, and submerge in water, attaching it to a stake hammered into something solid. Or store the barrel in the basement on wooden platforms, but not on the ground, and frequently wipe the mold off the barrel. The best method, however, is to bury the barrel or kegs of cucumbers in the ground in the basement or in the ice in the ice house. [First, bury the barrel] and, the next day, gather and wash the cucumbers. Pack them into the kegs, sprinkling on greens, and let them stand for two days. On the third day pour on a brine prepared as indicated above, cork, etc.

Vessels for salting cucumbers must be well washed and steamed with pure water, dill, chervil, and other fragrant herbs. Cucumber kegs or barrels must not be used for any other purpose; especially do not pour lye into them. It has been observed that salted cucumbers prepared during the last quarter of the moon tend to be hollow. Therefore, to have full and firm cucumbers, you must begin to salt them 5–6 days after the new moon and finish the salting before the next new moon.