Petto di Tacchino con Vino di Orvieto Secco

Breast of turkey with dry Orvieto wine


The symbiosis which exists between fungi and tree root can also crop up in ordinary life: I am thinking of that butcher in Garda-sul-Lago with his maize-fattened chickens and young turkeys, who had to be dragged from La Candida’s bar to unhand the poultry. The plump breasts of his birds reminded one of Edwardian mono-bosoms. The situation he was obliged to leave was dominoes in cheerful company well heated by a terracotta stove. His poultry shop was cold and it was snowing.

Acquire half a breast of turkey, to include the wing, weighing about 1 kilo ( lb).

This is braised entire in a mixture of olive oil and butter in a heavy pan, that is: browned with 2 slightly crushed unpeeled cloves of garlic and a sprig of thyme, then flared with Vecchia Romagna. Pour into the pan a glass of Orvieto secco and cook, tightly covered, on a fairly low heat on an asbestos mat to spread it for, say, 40 minutes, basting occasionally. At half time add a handful of rinsed capers, or some juvenile mushrooms already simmered in butter. Serve with a salad of radicchio rosso and passato di patate.