Fish Stocks


Take the bones of any white fish, such as soles, whiting, cod, &c., whether raw or cooked, with any fish-trimmings, lobster shell, shrimps’ heads and tails, &c., and lay them in a pan with one dessertspoonful of lemon juice, one or two sliced onions, a bunch of herbs, a few peppercorns, and a pinch of salt; cover it with cold water, one quart for each pound of fish bones. Simmer it all gently for about an hour, skimming it when it comes to the boil.

For fish sauces, or bisques, this stock will only require to be freed from fat and strained; for clear fish stock it must be clarified in the usual way with the whites and shells of four eggs to each quart of stock.

For clear brown fish soups, fry the onions and herbs together in a little butter, then lay in the fish bones (well and carefully dried in a cloth), and let all fry together for fifteen minutes; it should then be covered with cold water, and finished off like the clear fish stock given above.