Anchovy Cream (Hot)


Put four tablespoonfuls of French vinegar into a stewpan, with a pinch of mignonette pepper and one or two bayleaves, reduce to half the quantity, then add three raw yolks of eggs; stand the stewpan in the bain marie; mix into it by degrees three ounces of fresh butter; as soon as the sauce thickens, wring it through the tammy, and add to it the purée of eight boned and washed anchovies that have been rubbed through a very fine hair sieve, a saltspoonful of anchovy essence, a few drops of Marshall’s liquid carmine to make it a pale salmon colour, and a tiny pinch of cayenne; then just before serving mix into it by degrees a gill of very stiffly whipped cream and serve in a hot sauceboat. This sauce is excellent when served with any kind of boiled or grilled fish.