Poivrade Sauce


Cut up about one and a half ounces of lean raw ham, two slices of carrot, one slice of turnip, two onions cut up in dice shapes, a strip of celery, quarter of a leek, two sprigs of thyme, two bayleaves, a sprig of parsley, two large fresh mushrooms that have been washed, and a salt-spoonful of mignonette pepper; fry these all together for about fifteen to twenty minutes in one ounce of butter, with the stewpan covered down, then add the juice of a lemon, one and a half gills of claret, four washed, boned, and chopped anchovies, half a wineglass of white wine, and a pint and a quarter of good brown sauce; boil all together for about fifteen minutes, keeping it well skimmed while boiling, add a pinch of castor sugar, then rub as much as possible through the tammy, add a dust of cayenne pepper, and use. This is an excellent sauce to serve with fillet of beef, hare, rabbit, chicken, salmon, &c.