Provençale Sauce


Put into a stewpan a tablespoonful of salad oil, two chopped gherkins, a teaspoonful of capers, two or three fresh mushrooms cut in pieces, one small clove of garlic, two tomatoes, a bunch of herbs, such as thyme, parsley, and bayleaf, a saltspoonful of mignonette pepper and one and a half small onions cut up; fry these all together on the side of the stove for fifteen to twenty minutes; then add two wineglasses of white wine and one ounce of glaze, and one pint of good brown sauce; let it boil for about fifteen minutes, keeping it skimmed while boiling, then rub through the tammy, add a few drops of carmine, and use while hot. Serve with fillets of beef, veal, rabbit, chicken, hare, &c.