Shrimp Sauce


Skin a pint of cooked shrimps and put the heads and skins in a stewpan, cover them with a pint of fish stock or water, add one bayleaf, little thyme, and parsley, a few peppercorns, one onion peeled and sliced, and boil all together for twenty minutes, then strain: melt one and a half ounces of butter in a stewpan, mix in one and a half ounces of fine flour, and add half a pint of the liquor from the skins; stir till it boils, add one teaspoonful of essence of anchovy, a few drops of Marshall’s liquid carmine, and half a gill of cream; let it boil, add the juice of half a lemon, tammy the sauce, make it hot again in the bain marie, add the picked shrimps, having first rinsed them in hot water, and serve in a hot sauceboat.