Shrimp Sauce (a richer way)


Boil the heads and shells of the shrimps as in the former recipe, and blanch the shrimps. Put four tablespoonfuls of French vinegar into a stewpan, with six or eight peppercorns and two bayleaves; reduce till the vinegar is half the quantity, then add four raw yolks of eggs and half a gill of the shrimp liquor that has been made by reducing half a pint of the strained liquor, add one tablespoonful of creamy Bechamel sauce, then work in by degrees two ounces of butter, standing the pan in the bain marie whilst doing so; add a teaspoonful of essence of anchovy, a few drops of Marshall’s liquid carmine, a tiny dust of cayenne or white pepper, and a pinch of salt. Tammy the sauce, re-warm it in the bain marie, add a quarter of a pint of picked and blanched shrimps, and serve in a hot sauceboat.