Verte Sauce


Take two or three good sprigs of parsley, tarragon, chervil, and also one of fennel if you can get it, wash them well and put them into a stewpan with cold water to cover, add one small peeled eschalot and a tiny bit of soda, bring this briskly to the boil, and after a minute or so strain off the water; rinse in cold water and press the herbs quite dry, add to them four washed and filleted Gorgona anchovies, two hard boiled yolks of eggs, a teaspoonful of French capers, two large French gherkins, a saltspoonful of Marshall’s apple green, and a tablespoonful of salad oil; pound the whole together till smooth, and pass it through a tammy or fine hair sieve, mix this Purée into half a pint of thick Mayonnaise, and keep in a cool place till required. This sauce is excellent served with plainly boiled salmon hot or cold, as well as mackerel, trout, turbot, brill, codfish, and mullet, or with cold roast or hot grilled chicken.