Liver Farce for Stuffing Birds &c.


Cut into small dice shapes eight ounces of game, poultry, or calf’s liver, four ounces of fat bacon, four ounces of lean veal, rabbit, or chicken, and half a small onion; put all together into a sauté pan with one ounce of butter or fat, two bayleaves, two or three sprigs of thyme, a sprig of parsley, a good pinch of mignonette pepper and a little pepper and salt, and fry for about five minutes; then, whilst it is hot, pound it in a mortar and rub it through a sieve, mix with the purée one raw yolk of egg and two or three chopped button mushrooms or truffles, place it in a forcing bag with a plain pipe and fill the birds with it. This is sufficient for four pigeons, and other birds in proportion to their size.