Olives à la Métropole


Turn some Spanish olives, and fill each of them with Montpellier butter, using a forcing bag and pipe for the purpose, and arrange each olive in its natural shape; line some of the small fluted dariol moulds with aspic jelly, place one olive in each, and fill up with aspic jelly and let them set; take some thin trimmed slices of Lyons sausage, and place one of the olives in aspic; when turned out of the mould, on the middle of each slice, and by means of a rose pipe and forcing hag, form a pretty border of green butter on the sausage round the case of the aspic; take as many little glass plates as there are persons to serve, and sprinkle on each about a dessertspoonful of hard boiled yolk of egg that has been rubbed through a sieve, place the prepared sausage and olive on the yolk, and serve. These may also be served as a savoury, or for luncheon or supper.