Mussels on Hatelets with Truffles

Moules en Hâtelets aux Truffes


Take some two or three dozen fresh mussels, wash them well and put them in a stewpan with a sliced onion, a good bunch of herbs, such as thyme, parsley, bayleaf, a few black and white peppercorns, juice of one lemon, and a pinch of salt, add to them one pint of water and a half pint of Chablis, bring to the boil, and then let them simmer for about two or three minutes; turn out into a basin, leave them till cold, then remove from each the beard which is the part that is like a little piece of weed; put them on a plate and season them with finely chopped truffle, mignonette pepper, and salad oil, let them lie in this seasoning for about one hour, take some little plated hatelet skewers and arrange about three or four mussels on each skewer with a slice of truffle between each, then sprinkle the mussels over with a little lobster coral, and dish on a little crisp finely shredded lettuce and serve for hors-d’œuvre or savoury, or for ball supper.