Herring Roes à la Varsovie

Laitances de Hareng à la Varsovie


Take some soft roes of fresh herring, remove all the blood from them, and very carefully wash them in cold salt and water, then put them in a pie dish with three or four laurel leaves; put three tablespoonfuls of French vinegar to half a pint of boiling water and eight to ten peppercorns; boil up together, then strain on to the roes; put them in a moderate oven with the dish covered with a piece of buttered or greased paper and let them cook for ten minutes, then remove from the oven and leave till cold; have some peeled cucumber cut in little dice shapes, and mixed with half its bulk of French capers; season well with salad oil, make a little pile of this on each plate, using about a tablespoonful for each, place one of the prepared roes on the top, sprinkle over with a little coral or chopped lax and serve. This is also nice for a savoury. The liquor from the herring roes can be used several times.