Clear Soup



Put 2s. worth of fresh veal and beef bones into a stewpan, cover with cold water, and bring gently to the boil; as soon as the scum begins to rise add one or two tablespoonfuls of cold water, and continue to remove the scum until the liquid is quite free from it, but leave the fat on the stock; then add a good pinch of salt, ten black and white peppercorns, two carrots, little parsnip, three leeks, half a stick of celery, a bunch of herbs (thyme, parsley, and bayleaf), four large or six small onions, into one of which stick four cloves, and let the stock simmer on gently for several hours; strain off through a hair sieve, and set it aside in an earthenware jar till next day, then remove the fat and clarify the stock, using for the purpose for each quart of stock half a pound of lean neck of beef chopped fine or passed through the mincing machine, and mixed with four whites and shells of eggs, and the carcase of any roast game or poultry can also be chopped up and mixed in, add a few slices of carrot and leek, little celery, and two or three black and white peppercorns; bring the stock gently to the boil, give it an occasional stir, and simmer it for one and a half hours, and then strain it through a clean soup cloth. When served with any garnish, it takes its name from that.