Clear Soup à la Desclignac

Consommé d la Desclignac


Cut some lettuce and tarragon leaves and peeled cucumber into Julienne shreds, and pick some chervil into small leaves; blanch all these, drain them, and add them to the clear soup, just let it boil up, and immediately before serving carefully slide into it slices of cucumber, prepared as below.

Cucumber slices for Soup

Cut a fresh young cucumber into slices a quarter of an inch thick, take off the outer skin with a plain round cutter, and remove the seeds with a smaller cutter. Put the rings thus formed in a saucepan with enough cold water to cover them and a pinch of salt, and let them cook till tender; then take them up on a sieve or cloth, and pour cold water over them carefully till they are cool. Let them drain, and when dry put them in a buttered sauté pan, and farce the centres alternately with red and white farce, pour some boiling water in at the side of the sauté pan, and place this on the side of the stove and let the water re-boil, then draw the pan back a little, and let the rings remain till the farce is set, when they should be taken up on a hair sieve, a little warm water poured over them to rinse them, and then used.