Clear Game Soup à l’Impériale

Consommé de Gibier à l’Impériale


Take any kind of game or poultry bones for this soup, either fresh or roast will do, but the fresh are preferable; put two ounces of butter into a stewpan with two onions, cut up in little dice shapes one large carrot, one leek, a little celery, one turnip and a good bunch of herbs, such as thyme, parsley, and bayleaf, basil and marjoram, two or three fresh mushrooms and a pinch of mignonette pepper; place the bones on these, put the cover on the pan, and fry the contents all together for about twenty minutes to half an hour, taking care that they do not burn, then cover them well with stock (any stock from boiled veal, rabbit, or chicken, &c., can be used for this purpose), let it come to the boil, then strain, and let it simmer gently for two or three hours; strain off, and, when cold, remove any fat and clarify the stock with rabbit, hare, or beef, allowing half a pound of meat and four whites of eggs to each quart of stock (the meat chopped fine and mixed with the whites of eggs before being added to the stock); stir together occasionally until it boils, then let it simmer gently for about an hour, strain off, and, when ready to serve, garnish with little strips of any cold game, the livers of the same, and Loyal custard and tarragon and chervil.

Royal Custard for Soup

Season two whole eggs with a little white pepper and salt and a tiny dust of nutmeg; mix together in a basin with two tablespoonfuls of cream that is coloured with a little carmine, strain and pour into little buttered dariol moulds; stand these on a piece of paper in a stewpan that contains boiling water and steam till firm; when cold cut out in little strips and rinse in warm water and use.