Clear Soup à la Portugaise

Consommé à la Portugaise


Prepare some French plums and leeks as below, mix them and add to them sufficient clear stock, boil up all together, and serve the soup very hot.

French Plums for Garnish

Put the plums (allowing two or three for each person) in a stewpan with cold water and a pinch of salt; bring to the boil, take them up, rinse them in two or three waters, replace them in the pan with sufficient clear soup to cover them, and let them boil in it for half an hour, then use as described above.

Leeks for Garnish

Thoroughly cleanse and trim one or two nice leeks, tie them up and put them into cold water with a pinch of salt; bring to the boil, then wash them in several waters, put them in one and a half pints of clear stock, and boil them till tender. Then take them up on a plate, remove the string, split them in quarters lengthways, and cut them across in inch lengths.