Ox-palate Soup, Clear

Consommé aux Palais de Bœuf


Put the ox-palates in cold salted water for two or three days before using them, changing the water occasionally. Then put them on the stove in a pan with plenty of cold and very slightly salted water; let this come to the boil, then remove the hard rough skin; when quite clean lay them in some good stock and add two good carrots, two leeks, two onions, one turnip, one small parsnip, a few strips of celery, a bunch of herbs, two blades of mace, four cloves, and twelve peppercorns. Cook gently for eight or ten hours, removing the vegetables as soon as they are thoroughly cooked. Lift out the palates, strain and remove the fat and clarify the soup, then add to it a little sherry and the ox-palates cut into little rounds. Hand round the following garnish on a plate, allowing one to each person; take some fried croûtons about a quarter of an inch thick and two inches in diameter; brush over the tops with a little warm glaze and lay on this the carrot and turnip, boiled in the soup, peeled and stamped out in any pretty design, with a hot, freshly-cooked Brussels sprout in the centre of each; serve on a plate on a dish-paper. Care should be taken that the vegetable garnish is served hot.