Clear Soup à la Rachel

Consommé à la Rachel


Serve some clear soup with the following garnish. Mix the raw whites of three eggs with two tablespoonfuls of cream and a pinch of salt. Strain this into a buttered dariol mould and steam it till firm. (It will require careful cooking, or it will be spongy.) When firm turn it out of the mould, cut it into slices an eighth of an inch thick, and stamp out with cutters into any pretty shapes. Prepare some yolks of eggs in precisely the same way, and leave both these garnishings in cold water till wanted.

Cleanse and blanch a carrot and turnip, and cook them in light stock or water, with a pinch of salt, till tender; then peel them, stamp out the best part into any pretty designs, and leave in cold water till wanted; also cut a few French beans into diamond shapes. Pour the soup into the tureen; add the garnish, using about two tablespoonfuls to each quart of soup.