Clear Soup à la Tolède

Consommé à la Tolède


Clear soup garnished with savoury custard prepared as below, blanched tarragon and French gherkin cut in long strips, and sprigs of blanched chervil. Rinse the custard in warm water before using, and add the garnish just before serving.

Custard for Garnish

Add two whole eggs and the yolk of one egg, to every two tablespoonfuls of cream, milk, or consommé, with a tiny pinch of salt and a very tiny dust of nutmeg. Mix up all together with a fork, then strain through a pointed strainer; colour one half the quantity with a little carmine, and pour both parts into buttered tins. Poach in hot water on the side of the stove till firm, then scoop out into pea shapes with a pea cutter.