Chiffonade of Chicken à la Princesse

Chiffonade de Volaille à la Princesse


Take about three quarts of poultry stock and put it in a stewpan with two or three sliced onions, a bunch of herbs, six or eight peppercorns, two or three cloves, and half a raw chicken. Bring to the boil gently, then skim, and let it boil steadily for about an hour and a half. Strain it, remove the fat, and clarify it with white meat and eggs; then put it in a clean stewpan with two tablespoonfuls of celery prepared as below, a little picked and blanched tarragon and chervil, and when ready to serve add some little rounds stamped out of the fillet of chicken cooked in the stock, and some similar rounds cut out of savoury custard.

Celery for chiffonade

Cut the heart of a stick of celery into Julienne strips, blanch and strain it, and cook in the soup till tender.

Custard for chiffonade

Mix four whole eggs with four tablespoonfuls of cream, season with salt, white pepper, and a dust of nutmeg. Tammy it and pour it into buttered dariol moulds that are partly filled with vegetables such as carrot, turnip, cucumber, cut in tiny Brunoise shapes, cooked till tender and strained, then poach till firm and use.