Clear Turtle Soup

Tortue claire


Made from the sun-dried turtle.

For about three or four quarts of soup take one pound of sun-dried turtle and soak it in cold water for three days, constantly changing the water, then put it to cook for ten to twelve hours in good stock, and with all kinds of vegetables, such as, for each quart, a little celery, one small carrot, one turnip, one leek, two bayleaves, two onions, and herbs, including basil and marjoram, thyme, parsley, three cloves, a blade of mace, six black and white peppercorns, and two Jamaica peppercorns tied up in a piece of muslin; keep it gently simmering, adding more stock as that in the pot reduces. When the turtle is cooked, strain off the stock, remove any fat, and clarify, then strain off carefully through a wet clean cloth and re-boil, and for each quart take one dessertspoonful of best arrowroot, which has first been mixed with a good wineglassful of sherry, strain it into the soup, and stir it till it re-boils; take the turtle from the vegetables, and cut it out into pieces about one inch square, rinse them in a little warm water, and put them into the boiling soup, then add a small tin of turtle fat, and boil for a few minutes. Just before serving, flavour with lemon juice and a little cayenne. Lemon cut in quarters should be handed separately for those who wish extra lemon flavour.