Dufferin Soup

Consommé à la Dufferin


Put two ounces of butter into a stewpan with four sliced onions, two large sour apples or four small ones, and a bunch of herbs, such as thyme, parsley, and bayleaf, and let these all fry together till a nice golden colour, then mix in a tablespoonful of Marshall’s curry powder, one tablespoonful of tamarinds, one teaspoonful of curry paste, one tablespoonful of lemon juice, about three ounces of glaze, and three quarts of good fish stock and any raw fish bones you may have; let it cook for three quarters of an hour, strain off, let it cool, and remove the fat, then clarify and strain through a clean soup cloth, boil up, and serve with plainly boiled rice in a pile on a plate, and fillets of sole round the rice as a border, and garnish this with a little picked parsley and chervil.

Bounds of Sole for Consommé à la Dufferin

Wrap up in well buttered paper a filleted sole and cook it in the soup before it is clarified for about fifteen minutes; take it up, let it get cold, and stamp-it out with a plain round cutter into pieces about the size of a florin piece; when about to use put them in boiling water to warm, then serve as above.