Bisque of Oysters à la Royale

Bisque d’Huîtres à la Royale


Put half a pound of Carolina rice in a stewpan with enough cold water to cover it, bring to the boil, then strain and rinse it in cold water; put it into three pints of light fish stock and cook it till tender. Pound it, rub it through the tammy, and heat it in the bain marie. Beard thirty-six large sauce oysters, and cut them into little dice shapes; put the beards of the oysters and their liquor in a stewpan with two ounces of good butter, and let them draw down on the side of the stove for fifteen minutes, then strain, and pound the beards till smooth, mix again with the liquor, and rub through the tammy with one pint of light fish stock, and put this purée also into the bain marie to heat. Put in a basin four raw yolks of eggs, a tiny dust of cayenne, a pinch of salt and one ounce of butter; mix all together with half a pint of single cream, then add the oyster purée and the pounded rice. Stir well, place it in a stewpan and stir in the bain marie till it thickens, strain into the tureen, add a wineglass of white wine for each quart of soup, garnish with little rounds of red Royal custard, put in the bearded oysters and serve.