Bisque of Lobster

Bisque de Homard


Take a cooked lobster, remove the bones and put half a pound of the meat into a stewpan with four ounces of butter, let the latter melt, then pour over it about one quart of fish stock prepared as below, add two ounces of pounded live spawn, or if this cannot be obtained add a little of Marshall’s carmine to deepen the colour, and let it draw down on the side of the stove for about fifteen minutes; then strain off the gravy and pound the meat till smooth, mix it again with the liquor, rub all through the tammy or fine hair sieve, and put into a stewpan, and place in a bain marie to get hot. If tinned lobster is used for this soup any fish stock can be used for it. Put half a pound of Patna rice into a stewpan with enough cold water to cover it, bring to the boil, then strain off and put into another stewpan with two quarts of any nice flavoured fish stock, and let it simmer gently for about three quarters of an hour; then pound the rice till smooth, add again to the stock, pass all through the tammy, and put into a stewpan in the bain marie to get hot. When both purées are ready to serve, put some little croûtons into the soup tureen, pour over them a little clear stock or fish gravy, then add the two purées, and serve quite hot.

Fish Stock for Bisque of Lobster

Put the bones of the lobster into a stewpan with cold water, a bunch of herbs, thyme, parsley, and bayleaf, six or eight peppercorns, and two sliced onions; boil up together for about half an hour, then strain and use.