Soup à la Santé

Potage à la Santé


Put into a stewpan two ounces of butter, half a pound of lean ham or bacon, two pounds of leg of beef tied up with a string, any chopped up game or poultry bones, raw or cooked, two large onions, two carrots, half a stick of celery, one large leek all sliced, and six or eight peppercorns. Fry all together with the lid on the pan for twenty minutes, occasionally shaking the pan to prevent anything sticking to the bottom, then pour into the pan about four quarts of stock, bring it steadily to the boil, keep it skimmed, and let it simmer for about four hours, then remove the beef, strain off the stock, let it get cold, remove the fat, and clarify the soup, then put it in the bain marie. Blanch some carrot, turnip, celery, leek and lettuce, cut all into shreds about one and a half inches long, and drain them; melt two ounces of butter in a stewpan, lay in the shredded vegetables, and fry them till of a very pale golden colour, then add sufficient clarified stock to cover them, and boil gently till the vegetables are quite tender, and all the butter has been skimmed off, then add them to the soup before serving. Cut some of the beef taken from the stock into pieces the size of a filbert, warm them in a little stock, and add them to the soup. The rest of the beef can be used as a dish separately. The shredded vegetables may be taken from those used for the stock. Serve with croûtons handed or in the soup.