Faubonne Soup

Potage, à la Faubonne


Peel six good-sized carrots, remove the core from them, and cut the red part in thin slices; cut up two leeks, two onions, two turnips, and a little celery in the same manner, add a bunch of herbs (such as thyme, parsley, and bayleaf) and six peppercorns, and fry all together in two ounces of butter, without discolouring, for rather better than half an hour, then add three tablespoonfuls of crème d’orge or crème de riz, and two quarts and a half pint of ordinary stock or milk, mix well together, let it come to the boil, skim and let it simmer on the side of the stove for about two hours, then strain and pound the vegetables; mix again with the liquor and rub all through the tammy, then put it in the bain marie to get hot. For each quart of this purée, mix together a quarter of a pint of cream, two raw yolks of eggs, half ounce of butter, a little carmine, and a tiny piece of salt and castor sugar in a basin, then add to the purée; stir till it thickens, strain the soup through a tin strainer into the tureen and garnish with little red and white quenelles, and serve very hot.