Peel and slice finely two or three Spanish onions, and fry them in a stewpan in two tablespoonfuls of salad oil, with a pinch of salt and a bunch of herbs, till of a nice golden colour; then add two ounces of créme d’orge, rather more than half a pint of sauterne and about one quart of good fish stock, when it boils skim well, and let it simmer by the side of the stove for about half an hour, then add a good tablespoonful of grated Parmesan cheese, the raw yolks of four eggs previously mixed together in a basin, then rub it all through the tammy, and heat it in the bain marie. Just before serving add half a pint of cream made hot in the bain marie, and when about to serve put into the tureen some little fillets of any kind of fish, cod, turbot, skate, or sole, fried in a little salad oil; this improves the flavour. Pour the purée very hot into the tureen, add a dust of mignonette pepper and a good wineglass of sauterne; serve with croûtons and with pieces of lemon.