Barley Cream Soup with Croutons

Crème d’Orge aux Croûtons


Put one quart of white chicken stock in a clean pan to boil; mix in two ounces of crème d’orge with a quarter of a pint of cold milk or stock; let it boil gently for about ten minutes, keeping it skimmed while boiling. Put three or four raw yolks of eggs in a basin and mix them with half a pint of single cream and one ounce of butter broken in small pieces, and stir the boiling mixture steadily into this; then put it back into the stewpan in a bain marie and stir till it thickens; strain it through a strainer into the soup tureen; garnish with little croûtons cut in dice shapes or in rounds. Any well-flavoured white stock can be used for this soup.