Giblets à la Bagration

Gibelettes à la Bagration


Take the giblets from turkey, chicken, or goose, cut the livers in four or five pieces, clean the gizzards and cut in six or eight pieces, cut the neck in lengths of about one and a half inches, skin the feet, and put all into a saucepan, with a little salt and enough cold water to cover it; let it come to the boil, then strain off and wash the pieces in cold water; put them into enough stock to cover them well, about three quarts of stock will do; add vegetables, such as three or four onions, a little celery, two leeks, six peppercorns, a blade of mace, four cloves, a good bunch of herbs (thyme, parsley, bayleaf, basil, marjoram); bring gently to the boil, skim well, and let it simmer for about three hours; strain off, take out the meat from the vegetables, and set it aside to serve in the soup, let the stock stand to cool, then remove any fat from it, and clarify; strain it through a clean cloth, put it back into a clean pan, and for each quart mix a dessertspoonful of the best arrowroot with a little of the stock or a glass of sherry; stir it into the soup till it thickens, and then add the pieces of meat, taking care that they are well rinsed with a little warm water before adding to the soup; to each quart of the soup add a tablespoonful of boiled maccaroni, cut in little rings, and serve leaves of parsley picked and blanched, in the soup.