Croûte au pot


Tie up four pounds of fresh leg of beef with tape, and lay it in a stewpan and cover it with about three quarts of light stock or water; set the pan on the side of the stove, and when it comes to the boil, skim it well, and add nice fresh vegetables, such as two carrots, one turnip, some strips of the heart of celery, two leeks, six or eight peppercorns, a little piece of parsnip, and a bunch of herbs tied in a piece of muslin with the spice, add a little salt, one blade of mace and two Jamaica peppercorns, boil for five hours very slowly, then strain, and when cool, remove the fat, take up the meat and vegetables carefully on a dish, clarify the stock with beef, &c., if required to be very rich, and serve with some of the beef cut in small square pieces, also the red part of the carrot and some of the other vegetables cut in dice shapes, and the crust of a French roll, cut in rounds about one and a half inches in diameter, and either fried, or crisped dry in the oven.

These croûtons can be handed round if preferred.

The soup can also be served without being clarified, the fat merely being removed, and the meat, vegetables, and crusts served as above. The rest of the meat can be used as a relevé for dinner or lunch, garnished with the vegetables left over, and a little of the stock from the pot poured round it.